Iron Zirconium

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Brokermet is fully conversant with the shipping requirements of such material and can assist the customer in the shipping and handling of the material.




In house quality systems allow full traceability of our material and sophisticated tracking systems within the warehouse ensure batch traceability throughout the process.

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The master alloy is used in the ferrous metal industry. It is a powerful deoxidiser, a strong grain refiner and denitrifier as well as being a modifier of sulfide shape.

Brokermet SELL FERRO ZIRCONIUM TO THE REQUIREMENTS OF EVERY CUSTOMER.The main production from our Canadian factory is at 60% or 80% Zirconium, however this can be adjusted to the needs of the customer. Residual elements can also be tailored to the specific requirements of the customer. Brokermet can supply alloys with very low levels of residual elements where necessary.We take much care in the packaging and shipping of the Ferro Zirconium.

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