Arsenic  Brokermet SL

Solid ordinary state

Density 5727 kg / m3

Melting point 887 K (614 ° C)

Boiling point 1090 K (817 ° C)

Enthalpy of vaporization 369.9 kJ / mol

Melting enthalpy 34.76 kJ / mol

Arsenic Brokermet SL

In the fusion of copper, lead, cobalt and gold ores, arsenic trioxide is obtained, which is volatilized in the process and is entrained by the flue gases that can contain more than 30% of arsenic trioxide.


The flue gases are subsequently refined by mixing them with small amounts of galena or pyrite to avoid the formation of arsenites and by roasting arsenic trioxide between 90 and 95% purity is obtained, by successive sublimations it can be obtained with a purity of 99%.


Reducing the oxide with carbon gives the metalloid, however most of the arsenic is traded as oxide. Virtually all of the world's metallic arsenic production comes from China, which is itself the world's largest producer of arsenic trioxide.


According to data from the US Geological Survey, copper and lead mines contain approximately 11 million tons of arsenic, especially in Peru and the Philippines, and the metalloid is associated with copper-gold deposits in Chile and gold in Canada.


It is also a component of tobacco and is highly toxic.

Arsenic is a chemical element of the periodic table that belongs to the group of metalloids, also called semimetals; It can be found in various forms, although it is rarely found in the solid state. It has been known since ancient times and is recognized as extremely toxic. At atmospheric pressure, arsenic sublimates to 613 ° C.

Arsenic is a chemical element of the periodic table whose symbol is As and the atomic number is 33. In the periodic table of the elements it is in the fifth main group. Arsenic is rarely solid, mainly in the form of sulfides. It belongs to the metalloids, as it shows intermediate properties between transition metals and non-metals.

Wood preservative (lead and chromium arsenate), a use that represents, according to some estimates, about 70% of world arsenic consumption.

Gallium arsenide is an important semiconductor material used in integrated circuits that are faster and more expensive than silicon. It is also used in the construction of laser diodes and LEDs.

Additive in lead alloys and brass.

Insecticide (lead arsenate), herbicides (sodium arsenite) and poisons: at the beginning of the 20th century inorganic compounds were used but their use has practically disappeared in favor of organic compounds (methyl derivatives). However, those applications are declining.8

Arsenic disulfide is used as a pigment and in pyrotechnics.

Bleaching agent in the manufacture of glass (arsenic trioxide).

Arsenic is the 52nd abundant element in the earth's crust at 2 ppm (5 · 10−4%) and is one of the 22 known elements that are composed of a single stable nucleus. Arsenic is found in the native form and mainly in the sulfide form in a wide variety of minerals that contain copper, lead, iron (arsenopyrite or mispickel), nickel, cobalt and other metals.

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