High Carbon Ferro Manganese

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Low Carbon Ferro Manganese

High Carbon Ferro Manganese

High Carbon ferro manganese Brokermet SL

Chemical analysis


Standard Mn AC

Grade C MC

Grade B BC

Grade B

Mn 74 - 76% 80 - 85% 80 - 85%

Yes 1.5% max. 1.5% max. 2.0% max.

C 7.5% max. 2.5% max. 0.80% max.

S 0.05% max. 0.02% max. 0.020% max.

P 0.10% max. 0.15% max. 0.20% max.

Granulometric Distribution

Grain size

5 "x 2"

5 "x 1"

3 "x 1/2"

1/2 "x 1/4"

4 "x 1"

3 "x 1"

2 "x 1/2"

6mm x 1mm

In all cases, a maximum 5% of material retained on the screen with the largest opening, and a maximum 5% below the screen with the smallest opening.


Shipments of the material are accompanied by a certificate of analysis indicating the chemical composition and particle size distribution.

The high carbon, medium carbon and low carbon Ferro Manganese Fe Mn are ferroalloys with Fe Mn base that contain% C for simultaneous contribution of both elements to the broth, but mainly Mn.

They have a degassing action due to the fact that they have a chemical affinity for N, thus avoiding the formation of characteristic porosities in cast pieces.

Low carbon and medium carbon Fe Mn minimize carbide formation and are powerful deoxidizing agents.

The medium carbon and low carbon Fe Mn have a very useful desulfurizing action in the manufacture of steels and are widely used in Hatfield alloys.

High carbon, medium carbon and low carbon Fe Mn are widely used in Hatfield alloys.



Fe Mn is produced in various forms, mainly by electrometallurgical reduction, in submerged arc furnaces, using a controlled reducer in Al, Si and Carbon to reduce manganese ores.

Adding fluxes to control melting points and diluents to control chemical composition.

Manufacturing is based on the statistical control of the process, which gives great reliability when obtaining a product regularly adjusted to the required specifications.


The alloy is cast into loaves and subsequently crushed mechanically or manually to a previously defined grain size.

Physical properties

Melting point: 1150ºC to 1350ºC

Specific gravity: 4.5 to 5.5 TM / m³


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