Chromic Acid

Ácido Crómico Brokermet SL



Chromic Acid is a high quality product that meets technical grade specifications.

Its special manufacturing process makes it dust-free, which provides excellent properties and quick dissolution. It is low in sodium, so it can be used in catalysts and other special applications.


  • Chemical Formula: CrO3 Molecular Weight: 99.9
  • Appearance: Dark red-purple flakes
  • Density: 2.7 at 20 oC
  • Stability: Hygroscopic and highly soluble in water.
Chromic Acid Brokermet SL

Chromic acid, chemical properties

It is a strong acid and also an oxidizing agent. When neutralized with alkalis, it forms dichromate or chromate compounds.

In oxidation-reduction reactions, the chromium atom is reduced from hexavalent chromium to trivalent chromium.

Chromic Acid Applications

The main use of chromic acid is in wood preservation and metal chrome plating. Other uses are in the manufacture of catalysts and the production of magnetic tapes for recording.


Chromic acid is used to produce a kind of wood preservative free of CCA salts.


CCA preservatives are combinations of chromium, copper and arsenic, and offer protection to prevent wood from being attacked by fungi, sea worms, termites, ascomycetes and rot.

Chromic Acid Brokermet SL
Chromic Acid Brokermet SL

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