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Nickel sulfate is a green, odorless, crystalline salt that is obtained as a by-product of copper refining. In the market we can find it as 50% liquid nickel sulfate, and in this presentation it has a bluish-green appearance.

Crystallized nickel is another important element when forming the salts used in galvanic baths, for the manufacture of nickel catalysts and for the galvanic nickel plating of various metallic objects.

It is used in the electroplating industry; in processes of electro color of aluminum, for coatings of gold and silver and other metals, in the automotive industry, household and household appliances, etc.

Nickel sulfate is insoluble in ethyl alcohol but is soluble in water.

Nickel Sulfate, chemical properties

Nickel sulfate is the nickel (II) salt of sulfuric acid. At room temperature, it looks like a green odorless crystalline solid. It can crystallize as a hexa- or heptahydrate. It is a harmful, allergenic compound, dangerous for the environment.


molar mass

Boiling point

Non-combustible substances do not ignite by themselves, but they can decompose on heating and produce corrosive and / or toxic vapors.

Some are oxidizing and can ignite other combustible materials (wood, oil, clothing, etc). Contact with metals can give off flammable hydrogen gas. Containers may explode when heated.

Toxic, inhalation, ingestion or contact of material with skin can cause severe injury or death.

Contact with molten substance can cause severe skin and eye burns. Contact or inhalation effects may be delayed.

Fire can produce irritating, corrosive and / or toxic gases.

Leaks resulting from fire control or dilution with water can be corrosive and / or toxic and cause contamination.

Nickel Sulfate Applications

Nickel sulfate is used in different industrial processes, but it is particularly part of the processes in galvanic baths for nickel plating processes, as well as a metallic colorant, moderating dyes, in the manufacture of nickel salts, batteries, in electroplating, for the manufacture of catalysts, for coatings of metallic surfaces and protective coatings against corrosion in industrial machinery.

Nickel Sulfate Brokermet SL

Due to the great diversity of uses that this raw material has in industries, we identify the following as the most prominent:


  • Chemical industry
  • Electroplating Industry
  • Metal-mechanical industry
  • Novel Applications of Nickel Sulfate


The battery industry is applying nickel into its nickel-metal (NiMH) and nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries, so demand for this chemical in the battery industry is increasing.


The potential market for these batteries is the automotive sector for the manufacture of electric vehicles. Currently, its primary consumption is nickel in the lithium-ion, so for the next decades the production of nickel sulfate is expected to increase.

Nickel Sulfate Brokermet SL


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