Import of Ferroalloys, Metals and Chemicals

BROKERMET import raw materials and sell them in different fields, mainly in the domestic market in the Iron and Steel Industry and Electroplating.


Today it is one of the leading spanish companies in Metals, Ferroalloys and Chemical products, specialising in all aspects of Plating. 

Due to our success in the exporting business Brokermet is known throughout Europe as a leader in its field. 


BROKERMET has computer linked warehouses in Bilbao which enable products to be efficiently distributed. 

We also have real-time links to the London Metal Exchange.

Brokermet offer:

-Knowledge of the National and International Market


-Quality and Control of Our Products




-Rapidity in Management


-Efficient service


-Reliability, guaranteeing results to our customers


Know-how focused on serving our costumers


For any

Query or



BROKERMET acts according

to NORMA UNE ISO 9001-2015